2021 Summer Camp 

FCYD Camp UTADA - Summer Camp / Day Camp / Family Camp



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·         Staff Summer Retreat - Staff Road Trip: June 17-20 - Somewhere in Utah - Staff with FCYD Camp UTADA experience.

·         Teen Leader Session 0 - Camper grades 7-12 - July 5-10 - Camp Tifie, Mount Pleasant - Start date: July 5, for everyone.


·         Session 1 - Camper grades 2-7 - July 18-23 - Overnight - Camp Tracy, Emigration Canyon - Counselors/staff start July 17.


·         Session A - Camper grades 1-4 - July 18-22 - Day Camp - Camp Tracy - Pick 1-4 days, includes July 18 orientation. 

·         Session 2 - Camper grades 2-7:  July 27-Aug 1 - Overnight, Camp Kiesel, Ogden Valley - Counselors/staff start July 26.


·         Session B - Camper grades 1-4:  July 27-31 - Day Camp - Camp Kiesel - Pick 1-4 days, includes July 27 orientation.


·         Family Camp - Camper ages 0 - grade 6 - August 27-29 or September 10-12 - Camp Tuttle, Big Cottonwood Canyon.

·         Staff Fall Retreat - Staff Road Trip: October 14-17, somewhere in Utah - Staff with FCYD Camp UTADA experience.


- Enrollment applies to the school grade you are finishing.

- Exceptions call Dave O at the number below.

- Full Covid-19 safety will be enforced, enrollment may be limited.

- Registrations will be available soon.

- Camp fees will be detailed on the registration forms.

- Questions, call Dave O, 801 566-6913

Round Up your change to donate to FCYD Camp UTADA



Be The Change!

March 20, 2021

Have you ever checked out at the grocery store, or any store, and the clerk asked you to round your change up to benefit a charity of the store’s choice?  Little by little these tiny donations add up to be a lot of change!

FCYD Camp UTADA is a member camp of the Diabetes Education and Camping Association (DECA).  Our partners with DECA have found a way for you to invest your small change to help children experience the joy and benefit of diabetes camp! With Be The Change your secure credit and debit card transactions round up to the next dollar. Sign-up is very easy and takes less than two minutes. Then you spend like normal. Let’s say tonight you go and fill your car up with gas. It costs $15.99. You swipe your card like normal, your receipt from the gas station will show $15.99, but you can smile behind the scenes because you know that you just donated one penny to diabetes camps - FCYD in Utah and DECA nationally!  Also, we realize that many people have a budget.  So let’s say you want to sign up today, but prefer a monthly limit on your donation.  You can set up a monthly max.  On the last day of the month, your card will donate the rounded up change in one donation to FCYD and DECA.

Sign up for Be The Change is very easy and you can cancel at any time.  A secure payment platform will process your contributions.  (FCYD and DECA have no access to your debit card, credit card or bank information.)

Here are two easy ways to sign up. You will need the name of your bank and account information.

  1. Text message DIABETESCAMPS to 43506.

  2. Go to diabetescamps.org, click on DONATE and then “Round Ups”.

       Foundation for Children & Youth with Diabetes


Thank you!  Your spare change will make a wonderful difference in the health and happiness of children living with diabetes!